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Research Topics

At 1st of October 2011 the IC-ArchPro has been launched.

The research programme contains cutting edge research topics to be solved in an interdisciplinary collaboration, such as:

  • Development, testing and application of novel GIS-based archaeological interpretation methods to large-scale, high-resolution data sets.
  • Integration of archaeological prospection data with high-resolution digital terrain models obtained from terrestrial and airborne laser scanning, combining skills in the fields of geophysics, geo-archaeology and GIS-based cartography.
  • Archaeological assessment and systematic analysis of the archaeological information derived from various ALS-filtering techniques, and developing GIS-based tools for archaeological interpretation of ALS-data.
  • Visualisation, analysis and interpretation of high resolution hyper-spectral scanning data for archaeological purposes.
  • Joint inversions and interpretation of complementing geophysical data sets for improved imaging of subsurface structures and increased reliability in data interpretation.
  • Development of novel 3D-GIS solutions for automated handling of high-resolution spatiotemporal archaeological prospection data sets.
  • Fundamental geo-archaeological research into the origin of anomalies contained in geophysical archaeological prospection data, the underlying physical soil properties and their effect on the visibility/invisibility of the structures in archaeological excavations.
  • Development of methods for data fusion, multiple representations and automated classification for intelligent, knowledge-based interpretation approaches, including the modelling of uncertainty for large scale archaeological prospection.
  • Development of novel spatiotemporal visualisations techniques of archaeological prospection data for improved interdisciplinary analysis and interpretation.

Aside from the minimum requirements of the new doctoral study program of the University of Vienna, the candidates selected will need excellent qualifications and basic knowledge of GIS and archaeological prospection techniques.

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